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Celebrating the Alban Festival with our annual Alban Supper

The Church of England Guild of Vergers (CEGV) was founded in 1932, and has as its Patrons the Archbishops of Canterbury and York who take a very keen interest in the Guild of Vergers, and together they appoint a priest to act as the National Chaplain.

The Church of England Guild of Vergers was founded to promote Christian Fellowship and spiritual guidance among the Vergers of the Cathedrals and Parish Churches of England. It has a current membership of around 800 members with a further 100 members overseas, witnessing to the Guild of Vergers influence in other parts of the Anglican Communion.

The Membership of the Guild of Vergers is open to anyone employed or occupied regularly, whether full or part time, or as a voluntary verger (however titled), in the Provinces throughout the Anglican Communion. Other interested persons and those under 18 years can become Associate Members of the Guild of Vergers.   

Each year the Guild has a five day training conference. This year it will be in Malvern at the end of July.

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