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St Albans Branch Administrator's Page 2009

Rosamund Russell is the Branch Administrator.

As the new Administrator this year, things may not have been done exactly as they had been in previous years.
In January 2009 I inherited all the Branch files from Peter Hudson and have gone on from there.
This year I have sent out all the magazines with only a few hiccups.  I have learnt from these experiences and put more effective monitoring in place.
I have sent out three other separate Branch mailings and other individual letters. I sought and got agreement from those members who had email addresses and were proficient at using this medium to send the majority of information out this way. This has introduced savings in postage etc which is documented in accounts and has meant we have been able to keep subscriptions at same level again for 2010. Although in 2011, due to cost of stamps, this may have to increase. I have also sought how to enable members to make payments online so that they can reply totally electronically too. This was tried for 2010 subs but needs further clarification in order for it to work successfully.
I have dealt with the administration of the replies for branch events and the payment of monies due for the 2 meals we have had. I have been ably assisted by Paul who is taking GCSE ICT and has set up and filled in various spreadsheets and databases for me to monitor these replies.
We have had a good turnout to most events this year. With guests, the numbers at each event was

Lenton Devotions                        16
Corporate Communion                 20
Alban Supper                             21
Summer visit to Stevenage          20
Christmas Dinner                        17

Although I took on the post of Administrator willingly I did not realise how much time it can take to sort out magazines and letters for posting out. (Up to 2 hours a time)This means that with a full time job and up to 2 hours commuting each way into London things get done when I can do them. Everything does get done eventually but I may be slower than people would like me to be. (This is prevalent throughout my life not just as Administrator!!!) I can only apologise for this if this is the case but I will always try my best. I realise I am not the most organised person on the earth and strive to be better all the time.
I would like to thank Peter Hudson for giving me such an organised base to start from and for being on hand to answer any questions I may have had during this year, to my family for putting up with Guild matters spread around the house, to my fellow Committee Members for suffering my poor organisational skills and finally all members for accepting the way I have done the branch administration this year.

Rosamund Russell
2009 Branch Adminstrator