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The Branch started in 1936

In 1996 we reprinted our 1936 original record book this was circulated to members at the time a copy of this is also in the cathedral archives

This document starts where our reprint of the 1936 minute book left off and includes other items from our archives also the author has been conscious to continue our history on the branch for future members.

Some of the Links on the Left fill in the details.

St Albans Guild of Vergers Branch history  from 1938

In our possession is the original  record book from 1936 which chronicles the formulation of the Guild of Vergers in the St Albans Diocese , also contained in this book are various newspaper cuttings, this record continues until 1949.

In addition to this I discovered I was also able to compile a reasonably comprehensive list of Vergers from 1950 - 1996. by extracting information from the accounts books.

The record book has been reproduced as accurately as possible and took many hours of reading hand writing  in a form no longer used in some parts.

This was transcribed on to a Computer Disc and re-produced for our Diamond Jubilee Celebrations which will take place on Monday the 14th of October 1996 at Evensong in the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban.

I wish to acknowledge the work of the founders of the Branch all those who have worked since, to promote the aims and objects of the Guild and hope we can do the same for the future.

I have worked for many hours preparing this for publication and it has given me great pleasure in doing so

Editor Peter Hudson Branch Chairman 1996                  


Page   1  to 26           Minute Book 1936 - 1949

Page 27 to 48           Newspaper cuttings and letters.

Page 49                     Dunstable 1961

Page 50 to 56           Membership details 1950 - 1996

Page 57 to 58           Cathedral Virgers 1898 -1996

Page 59                     Cathedral Heraldry

Page 60                     A Brief History of the Guild of Vergers


With acknowledgements to Dr David Kelsall Cathedral Archivist, Ann Hudson Proof reader
The Document gives an outline of what is available and a second edition was which takes events up to 2006 was printed 10 October of that year
This is now out of print but a copy may be available on a CD


Church of England Guild of Vergers

Diocese of St Albans

St Albans Branch Archives

Inaugural Meeting Held on Tuesday October 13th 1936

Original Record Book Covering Period 1936-1949 Transcribed and reprinted for Diamond Jubilee in 1996

Branch Records as Follows

Membership Details from   1950 – 1959/60
1961 -1971

Accounts on Book Form     1950-1958


Bank Statements from        1972 – 1990

Bank Statements                 1990 - 2006

Balance Sheets                   1984-2007     Paper Copy

Annual General Meeting    1984-2008     Minutes of

Virger Magazines from January 1970 issue 92 – spring 1991 issue 174 **

** Copies missing 93,96,97,98,115,128
Branch secretary has copies 175-250


Deceased Members Details