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Canterbury Festival 2010

Eton College and Evensong at St Georges Chapel Windsor Castle

September 9th was the date of the Canterbury Festival at Windsor and Eton. Some of our members went to this event.

The day started by following signs to parking at the Eton College Laundry car park. Luckily there was still space!!. A minibus was provided to take people back to the college main building where the vergers gathered in the old school, a classroom still in use today with benches and desks inscribed with the names of past boys. These were done by the boys themselves; nowadays the school’s carpenter does it for the boys. There was a Eucharist Service in the College Chapel for which there was a robed procession. This was followed by Lunch for those who had paid for the 3 course meal. My mum and brother Paul ate rolls sitting by Eton Bridge by the Thames where loads of swans and ducks congregated. The afternoon was filled with tours either around Windsor Castle or Eton College itself. Mum and my brother went on the Eton College tour and were taken to places the normal tours do not go led by the Eton College vergers. They were shown the carvings for Prince William and Prince Harry and also visited by arrangement of the Provost, the room where the Kings Scholars were given their Gowns earlier in the day. 

Then it was back to Windsor Castle for Evensong in St Georges Chapel. The vergers were led into the Quire for Evensong at which the Choir composed of both boys and men sung. Luckily for mum it was one of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimmitis settings they had heard of and sung recently at our own church. It was a worthwhile and memorable day for my Brother and Mum and our thanks go to members of the Oxford Branch for their organisation of the day. Many of our members were taking notes for when it will be our turn!!!

Mark Russell