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All Saints Church   - Leighton Buzzard.
Within the Ouzel Valley Team Ministry.

History was made at All Saints Church on 17th of January when His Eminence  Cardinal. Cormac Murphy O’Connor came to preach.
The occasion was to mark the start of the “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity” arranged by the Churches Together movement within the adjoining towns of Leighton Buzzard and Linslade.
The Cardinal is very supportive of the Christian Unity and is known as a Christian universalist.

(1) All Saints Church was chosen as a venue as it is one of the larger churches.

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor with Revd’ Grant Fellows

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor with Revd’ Grant Fellows
Team Rector and Vicar of All Saints Church Leighton Buzzard
Picture Courtesy of Terry Warburton.

The Churches Together movement in the towns of Leighton-Linslade has always been active by supporting activities such as ecumenical lent courses and co ordination of the annual Christian Aid Collections.

The Sunday Afternoon Service was attended by some 250 people from all the Christian denominations here.
Prayer cards were completed by individual members to record their wishes for the future.
These  were collected as an offertory and were blessed during prayer.
Clergy from all denominations played a part in the worship.
In his sermon the Cardinal told how Christians of all denominations should work together doing the ordinary things where we have common ground, while understanding differences between those denominations. He made reference to the visit by Pope John Paul II to United Kingdom as this was a leading step in the movement to ecumenical growth.
His Eminence had a quiet easy way of speaking, his sermon being interspersed with a number of amusing stories to illustrate his main points.

So it came to be that a Cardinal came to an Anglican Church to preach to a congregation of various denominations. Following the service  he signed the Service Register;-now a historic page in the annals of All Saints Church. We believe that this visit represents the highest rank cleric ever to visit the church. It is thought that  Bishop Thomas Wolsey  may have come here in the 16th century when he was Bishop of Lincoln and before he was made Cardinal in 1515. However there is now record of this happening. All Saints Church was in the diocese of Lincoln at that time.

Sunday January 17th was a memorable occasion for the Churches Together movement in Leighton –Linslade when we welcomed a Cardinal to our town.

          All Saints Church Leighton Buzzard

          All Saints Church Leighton Buzzard
                  Picture courtesy Terry Warburton.

(1) Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor Speaks of his Hope of Universal Salvation’Connor.


David Williams .
Verger.   All Saints Church Leighton Buzzard

January 2010