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Letter after AGM 2008

Letter on Corporate Communion 2008

Training Conference Report

A Personal View

Arriving at the Centre

Being at school I can only go to the conference for three days.

Day 1

I went to this years conference at the All Saint Pastoral Centre, in London Colney. I arrived there at half nine. Most of the other vergers were there before us and were having breakfast when I got there. I hung around the entrance speaking to other members and brought a new gown badge from the shop that was set up near the entrance. This is to go on my new gown. At 11:30 it was time for the AGM meeting which was very interesting. Many items were brought up. After that there was lunch and a short rest to look around the centre and chat with the other vergers.

The centre

Then at 2:30 the training officer had a little talk while we waited for the sub Dean of St. Albans Abbey to have a talk about the new wedding rules for someone wanting to get married in a parish church. It was very interesting and the book with all the information is coming out in November 2008. It will be a good read for us to help weddings go smoothly.

to be continued .......

Day 4

I arrived on Thursday morning just before 10 am. There were four workshops to choose. I chose the National chaplains workshop on public speaking.

Ready for us to begin

We had to read a verse from Matthew chapter one aloud trying to project my voice making it loud and clear. I was quite good at this from my singing in the choir.

Mark in

This was followed by a break then the National Chairman’s workshop on Handling the Virge.  I had the opportunity to practice using one of the virges. This will help me for when I do my Work Experience at St Albans Cathedral. There are three positions. Processing, processing out the way, when the virge is on your shoulder and laying the virge at rest.

The workshops

There was a midday service in the oratory. After this was lunch followed by a talk about the maintenance of an historic building. We investigated seeing whether a building was getting worse or staying the same. What to look out for in the stonework.

The London Branch memebers and some Americans

Then there was a coffee break followed by questions. This was followed by evensong.

The organ in the chapel

Day 5

Day 5 was a only half a day

Mark Russell

Branch Correspondent

Mark Russell

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