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St Albans Branch Events 2008

Southern Rally Canterbury Tuesday 2nd September 2008

Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral

Canterbury Province Festival

Branch Correspondents Report

We set off about 8:30am to travel up to Peterborough Cathedral. Although this is the Southern Province Festival, Peterborough is still 75 miles North of London. We arrived in good time to park and to find the Cathedral. We were not sure where to park and managed a car park by pot luck. We got out of the car in search of the Cathedral. My brother asked where was the Cathedral. As we turned the corner. I said, "We are looking for a spiky tall building. Something like that!"

We were next to the Cathedral.

My first view of the Cathedral

More report to follow after school!

Mark Russell


Eucharist Sermon (well worth the read) Dean of Peterborough

Lunch in Peterborough.


I went on the tour of the Cathedral

Organ recital at St Johns Church.





The Peterborough Cathedral Group Photo including 90 vegers

Our three Representatives