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Training Officers report 2009


Again a varied programme has been envisaged, that combines training with spirituality, I know from experience that it is very easy for vergers to ignore the spiritual side of our vocation, we do so at our peril, for spirituality must lie at the heart of our vocation.
This year I have introduced a Gala Dinner on the first night of Conference to help break the ice, sadly I have not come up with the money to pay for this, so it's a bit like a "not quite a Gala Dinner"
On the Tuesday we will walk the way of the cross, Hosanna to alleluya, via Crucify him, this is something we do in our own churches every Holy Week. I hope that by doing it together as a Guild we can pray the way of the cross, and experience some of the liturgy that we may not be exposed to in our
own churches.


The Training registrar, has been busy bringing the records up to date and weeding out those students from whom we have not heard, this has left the archive file, bulging!! But means that we can concentrate on those students who we know are working and interested.
In 2002 I wrote the student/ tutor guidance notes these John now has rewritten and we need to write a similar booklet for mentors.
This year four students have passed the foundation unit and all are continuing on to the Diploma.
Sadly one student died, after having passed the diploma, and we shall present her diploma posthumously to her family at the Congregation.
The work of training goes quietly on, being achieved by the hard work of those who tutor, mentor, or give examples of good practice.
I once again pay tribute to all those who freely give of their time and talents, especially John Shearer who keeps the show on the road.
This will be my last year as Training officer, the membership needs to give some thought as to my successor, whoever he or she is, ought to be a man/woman of considerable experience, but also have the ability (which I do not) of working with all the latest gadgetry.
Tom Cameron