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St Albans Branch Events 2007
The Training Conference




Full Time Mon - Fri £170
Sundat Dinner B&B £35
Part-Time Daily B&B £42
Lunch (non residents) £8.00
Dinner (non-residents) £10.00

Cheques payable to the CEGV Conference Account

Conference Schedule

Sunday 3rd June
Registration 17:30
Central Council Dinner 18:00
Central Council Meeting 19:30

Monday 4th June
Registration 9:00-11:00
Guild AGM 11:30
Guest Speaker
Guild Congregation
Solemn Eucharist

Tuesday 5th June
Guild Requiem
Worship Service
Training Workshops
Inter Branch Quiz

Wednesday 6th
Master class

Thursday 7th
Worship Service
Corpus Christi Eucharist
Social Evening

Friday 8th
Your Thoughts
Solemn Eucharist

Please bring your robes of office for the opening and closing Eucharists and for other services.