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Comments about the Verger


Telling visiting television companies what they can and can't do with their cables, lights etc.

Lying quietly in bed at night listening for the sound of breaking stained glass.

The role of the verger is to antagonize the organist and moan about the vicar.

Vergers are an endless source of information about how much better things were done at the previous churches they worked for.

Under no circumstances get on the wrong side of the Verger, no matter how strong the temptation.

At St. John the Divine, we were convinced that the Archbishop of Canterbury took his orders from the vergers.

Acolytes who crossed the vergers had been known to disappear under mysterious circumstances.

Certainly it is essential to keep on the right side of the verger; 'the servers wish they ran the Church, the clergy think they run the Church, God knows the vergers run the Church.'

The ones at Washington Cathedral mainly glower and tell people where they cannot go.

Vergers are God within their parish and church, nothing is done without their say so, don't upset them, you are liable for ex-communication, and you will left for the rest of your days watching the blessed sacrement on the web cam

It seems to me that they are put on the Earth to put the fear of God into everyone else....

Vergers are saints, pure and simple. (well, maybe not always pure).

The vergers are the churches Mafia.

A collection of vergers
A Wand of Vergers
A Staff of Vergers
A Mafia of Vergers

and vergers on clergy

A collar of clergy?