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Web Site Report - The Branch website
The Branch now has its own website at launched in September 2007
The aim of this website is to publicise the work of the branch and to act as an up to date source of information.
Statistics Taken 16th Jan 2009
2008 visits
2009 Visits

The number of visitors has increased from 900 per month to nearly 1300 since last year and the pages looked at has doubled.
Visitors in this year came from all over the world with regular visits from  Mexico, Seychelles, Argentina, Russian Federation, Poland, Syria, China, Brazil, Chile and Japan to name but a few.
The average number of Hits per Day  has increased from 206 to 250 on the website. The maximum was 793! Unique visitors in one day.
Most months the “Duties of the verger” page is the most popular page to be viewed, with the page on vestments the next most popular. The Chaplains page is still the most popular from the members.
Currently we have over 70 pages of information for the members and others.
Online forms for joining has been added. The website can now take video if someone wishes it to be added. There has again been little support from the members.
There is a new Main Guild Web site now, however our branch has much valuable information on it.
Since Sept the web site has not been updated much due to lack of time on my part and lack of resources to put up. Plans were put to the committee to put much of this web site information into a printed publication. This has been very slow to progress due to the lack of available material.
stalbansvergers emails available and
Others are available on request.