St Albans Diocesan Guild of Vergers

Among the roses of the martyrs, Brightly shines St Alban

St Albans Branch



Lindsay Bevis Email Secretary

Lindsay Kemp Email Chairman

Tony Kempson Treasurer


The St Albans Branch of the Church of England Guild of Vergers was formed in October 1936 at a meeting in Diocesan House and, apart from the Second World War has continued its ministry to those persons serving in the house of God as Vergers.  Our members come from all walks of life, the majority of whom are part time Vergers.  We welcome anyone who wants to join male or female, paid or honorary.

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We meet approximately 8-9 times a year and try to organise events in member’s churches - either social functions or a communion service, or a visit to a associated function. Sometimes we join in events with neighbouring branches. London & Southwark or Oxford.
We encourage members to participate in National Guild events, particularly the Annual Training Conference and AGM and the Northern and Southern rallies, as well as our local events. We will assist with transport to local events whenever possible.

We have over 30 members, 20 of whom meet up regularly for the social and other events.

The Branch publishes a Branch membership list with names addresses and telephone numbers as well as its own newsletter of topical items or any snippets of information from within the branch, and we also contribute to “The Virger" magazine, which is published nationally four times a year.
The Guild also runs a Guild shop where a variety of items are available including now, name badges, Gown badges, sweatshirt, ties and a paperweight etc. All the items are detailed and priced in "The Virger". We have a small shop which attends many of our branch events whjere you can obtain some of these items.

The Guild recognises that its members should be acknowledged as the professionals that they are and have set up a Guild Training Scheme, which can be undertaken in your own time and at your own pace. It consists of four modules and details are available from the training registrar