St Albans Diocesan Guild of Vergers

Among the roses of the martyrs, Brightly shines St Alban

The Original Description of the Word Virga is from a Latin description or Virger (modern way Verger) means to lead and Vergers lead processions in church as what still happens today.

In today’s world the cathedrals and some larger parish church’s employ staff to carry out these duties male and female and duties vary from place to place

The Majority of vergers in Parish life tend to be part time and voluntary and often un-paid some being given fees for weddings and funerals under the scale of parochial fees

A limited amount of information should be in the publication “Handbook for Churchwardens and PCC 
And or An ABC for the PCC is available also the council for the care of church’s do a range of publications also various publications may be available from The Diocesan Resource Centre

I was asked recently what does a verger do and I came up with the following which is no way complete as we all do a multitude of different tasks

Some duties may include any of the following as agreed with either P.C.C or the incumbent where they serve and are usually drawn up in an informal contract or agreement.

Duties in Detail

Opening up and locking of church premises

Preparation for various weekday services where applicable

Preparation for Weddings and Funerals

Leading processions I.e. Weddings Funerals Sunday services

Setting out vestments

Changing altar frontals according to liturgical year

Care of linen and altar cloths

Operation of sound system

Ensuring adequate supplies of Wine & altar Breads

Ensuring supplies of candles etc and any other requirements

Preparation of service registers also wedding registers etc

Looking after heating and lighting if applicable

Good housekeeping cleaning polishing floors and furniture ensuring it is in good order

Checking visually fabric and reporting to appropriate person i.e churchwardens any problems

Keeping entrance to porch or entrance clean and tidy

Care of Churchyard if required

Other practical issues which vary from place to place

If you have concerts duties may be re-arranging furniture

Health and safety isles, fire regulations current regulations on disability access etc

Cathedrals and larger church establishments may insist on a first Aid Certificate be obtained as well as other certification IE I have a defibrillator Training certificate 

Any local issues appertaining to employment

Be able to carry out minor repairs

Care and welcome of visitors

Be knowledgeable about your church history and locality for visitors