St Albans Diocesan Guild of Vergers

Among the roses of the martyrs, Brightly shines St Alban

The A.G.M. in 2008 began with a talk from our late chaplain Peter Palmer, about the Liturgical year and the Vestments of the church. Peter talked about the reasons for all the colours of the church year. After enticing us into this world of colour, Peter introduced us to the history of all of the different robes that were worn by him over the last fifty or so years in the church. He explained the historical reasons for each of the garments, starting with the cassock, amice, alb, stole and surplice. We were engaged by an interesting lesson on the Manipal and his disappointment somewhat at its demise.

It was really fascinating, to learn the reasons for why the clergy wear these things for a service and how much all of the clothes weighed. We looked at all the designs of the chasubles in the abbey. Instead of as in my church, having one red casuble, the Abbey has several different reds, each for a different occasion. The copes were the heaviest thing to wear because of all the embroidery and the weight of the fabric. Peter showed us the fantastic designs on the copes. The people who worked on these have done a wonderful job. Each one has to be adjusted for its new owner.

Further down on this page are some links so that you can here parts of Peters talk.

After the talk we had our AGM, electing the officers, and the best part was making me Branch Correspondent.

Mark Russell
Branch Correspondent


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The Liturgical Year